Workshop / Events

Fashion Week Finishing

-with Giovanni Giuntoli

Sunday, May 20 - Monday, May 21, 2018

An intensive 2 days of hands-on education into finishing hair, just seen on the runway and red carpet, with editorial hairstylist and artistic director Giovanni Giuntoli. Get personal time with a master stylist and get the information you’ve been wanting. Get, and Stay, inspired to style hair creatively using salon applicable techniques and short cuts. Your clients will be bragging on your social media feed about how quick and easy you did their style.

Day 1 – An intensive intro into finishing hair. Learn how to build proper foundations for finishing hairstyles either up or down. Take the time, up close, with Giovanni Giuntoli as he takes you through the journey starting with the finish. Giovanni will show you how to map your journey to finding and creating the perfect end result. Lets knock down barriers together!

Day 2 – Take from day 1 lessons and expand on all the skills shared. Creating your next level hairstyles while working with new tools and techniques to build, shape, and support your hairstyle creations. Clients will love how easy and quickly you create the perfect style for them and for their events.






Photo Ready Makeup

Sunday, June 24 - Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Day 1,2 –  Tearsheet makeup artist Frankie Carney takes you through his rituals, and secrets, to getting celebrity and models faces camera ready. Frankie and his team will have you learning tips and techniques along with ways to implement them for increasing your income from your bridal business.

Day 3 – Work your fingers, and skills on your models! With guidance and coaching from Frankie and his team PLus, work with a team of hairstylist and photographer on YOUR PHOTOSHOOT!

Play Bigger and Better After this Experience!….


Luxury Finishing 6.0

Sunday, July 15 - Tuesday, July 17, 2018



Who does EVENT hairstyles? Tearsheet’s once a year specialty experience will help build, boost, and boom your social media! Grow your image collection, not to mention your skills and knowledge. Learn how to apply your images to earn you a lot of money. Learn, Shoot, Engage.

Day 1 – Learn from Giovanni and Tearsheet artists as they share salonable techniques used during the Fashion Shows. Save time and get your desired results with the right choices made during consultation. Take from the Red Carpet celebrity world to inspire yourself and your clients to try new approaches and hairstyles.

Day 2 – Take all your existing, and new skills and put them together on a two day shoot experience like non other! Work with a team of professionals and collaborate on what the finished result of the picture will be. Your hairstyles will be upfront and exposed to the world when properly apply to your and our social media channels. Images your clients will brag about in their social media network.


Education Junkie

Sunday, August 19 - Tuesday, April 21, 2018


Learn from the best photo educators in the industry. Take 2 days of learning and a third day to apply the new knowledge to your model and your photo-shoot! Learn, Share and Shoot for three days with the best in the industry not to mention start collecting images for your portfolio and to build your brand. Your Social Media channel will love having new images to promote your skills and your salon world too.

Day 1, 2 – In-depth, hands-on education, social media practices, along with all the tools needed to build and support your brand. A transparent journey through creating hairstyles for fashion shoots and how these techniques can be applied to your everyday salon world. Clients will love having you achieve the looks they request of you, You will love the business it brings into you.

Day 3 – YOUR PHOTO-SHOOT with the Tearsheet team!
Apply your education, techniques right away on your live model, Work with your makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and photographer. Take lessons and imagery back to the salon, and .. BLOW UP your social media channels and pack your wallet!!

Fashion Trip

Destination: NYC Fashion Show Sites

Sunday, September 16 - Monday, September 17, 2018

Day 1 – Join editorial hairstylist Giovanni Giuntoli, fashion photographer Jesus Baez, and their fashion model, as they take you on a “FASHION TRIP” throughout New York City.Fashion Week may just be wrapping up, but there is always inspiration in NYC! Visit sites where top designers launch and reveal their newest line to the world! Along the route be part of the shoot as hair and backdrop change throughout the day’s journey.

Day 2 – Hands-on education. Get in-depth knowledge of how the runway and red carpet hairstyles were created for the events which occurred just days prior! Take your own inspiration to reality with the aid of the Tearsheet educators and tools



On The Road- Miami 

Sunday, October 14 - Tuesday, April 17, 2018

We are heading back on the road to bring an educational experience like none other, to you!

Be one of the very few hairstylists who go on the road for their photo-shoot!! How many stylists do you know who travel for a photo-shoot and work with an entirely editorial team on location creating gorgeous images of their hair? Miami bring great environmental education to anyone attending. Not only will you work in a gorgeous location, your collection of imagery will show all that you have been part of creating. Learn hands-on what it takes to style hair for those amazing outdoor pictures, know what’s needed to support your style, apply the educational experience and imagery, you and your own Tearsheet team create, back to the chair and salon business.

If building on your portfolio, or just starting one, this will be an amazing addition to your existing image collection. Miami is a gorgeous place to shoot both beauty and fashion. Everywhere you look there is art, inspiration, and beauty and all that adds to high quality pictures

3 days of learning, applying your skills and networking all while doing what you love in an area you will most definitely love creating in.



Power Shots

Sunday, July 29 - Monday, July 30, 2018



Ever feel like there is more to learn about using your phone’s camera? Not to mention how to post great images on your social channels? Don’t leave your mobile device behind, in this workshop you are the photographer wielding the camera. Take your social media channel to the next level just by utilizing the lessons and knowledge from the photo-shoot experts.

Learn best practices, approaches and techniques the photographers use to capture great moments and apply them to images you shoot during your workshop time with us. POWER POST your way to MORE MONEY and the clientele YOU WANT to have IN YOUR CHAIR!

2 full days of learning, sharing, and applying the lessons from the workshop

Set up phone call to get you started and ready for your experience.

DAY 1) Learn which mobile apps  help with image adjustments and enhancements

– Get best practices such as using filters, cropping, color effects, angles and more.

– Learn what tools our Tearsheet pros use on set, experience how each can improve the quality of your images and enhance your hairstyle

– Take home a shopping list of which tools you will need to best suit your needs.

DAY 2) Apply your lessons and the applications you learn in day

– Meet your Model, Makeup Artist, and Wardrobe stylist who will compose your photographic team

– Work on YOUR model’s hair creating your special look

– Photograph your model, with your phone, applying your new knowledge and techniques

– Work with our team following the shoot  POWERING UP before posting your newly created imagery

** BONUS After your workshop experience, you will be invited to attend a  VIRTUAL MEETING with a Tearsheet artist who will help answer any remaining questions, go through the images you created after the workshop, and make sure you can apply the lessons to your everyday salon photo taking.

*Iphone models 6+ and newer required






Sunday, February 12 - Monday, February 13, 2017

Diving in, Discovering, Developing Your Brand

Dive, Discover, Develop your social media and brand.

Support your brand with images of your model, you shoot with the Tearsheet team, on social media. Boost your engagement, followers, and income along with best practices, approaches, and apps to make your channel come to life! Day one workshop, Day two photoshoot


Giovanni Giuntoli – The Art of Finishing

Sunday, April 23 - Monday, April 24, 2017

An intensive intro into finishing hair with Giovanni Giuntoli. Get inspired to style hair while boosting your social media exposure. Your clients will be bragging on your media feed about how easy, and quickly, you did their hairstyle.




Education Junkie

Sunday, October 15 - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Two Days of hands-on education, social media practices, along with all the tools needed to build your brand.

One Day photo shoot with the Tearsheet team. Take your education and apply it right away to a live model and see how you can take lessons back to the salon, and social media channels.



On Camera Confidence – NYC

Sunday, March 5 - Monday, March 6, 2017

Feel and Look more confident on camera. Know what, when and how to deliver your message. Learn how to enhance your social media engagement on Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, and more.. Work up-close, and comfortable, with some industry greats getting lessons while presenting on camera.Register

On The Road with Tearsheet – Seattle

Sunday, July 30 - Tuesday, August 1, 2017

We are heading back on the road to bring education to you! Learn what it takes to style the hair for those amazing outdoor pictures, and take the education back to the salon. If you have a portfolio, this would be a great addition to your existing collection.

Seattle Dates: July 30-Aug 1         Chicago   : TBD         The Hamptons: TBD



Bridal and Your Social Media

Sunday, August 27 - Monday, August 28, 2017

Take back skills, social media tactics and practices build a business with a bridal focused audience using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more…

Shoot like a pro with the Tearsheet team and your professional model. Watch as your social media EXPLODE!

Day one workshop, Day two photoshoot




FUNNEL UP On-Stage Confidence

Sunday, September 17 - Monday, September 18, 2017

Want to feel and look more comfortable presenting a product, technique, or application? Work through practices with some

of the best presenters. Feel safe experimenting within your lessons.

Take your video and lessons home to prepare for the next step.




Next Level – Portfolio Builder

Sunday, November 6 - Monday, November 7, 2017

Two Day intensive shooting like a pro! Graduates invited to shoot and expand on your brand’s portfolio along with building content to curate on your social media for press kits, websites and more, to build audience and clientele. This is where you see what level you are at in your career while making history at the same time.







Insight Into Tearsheet

Sunday, December 3 - Monday, December 4, 2017

Ever wonder what Tearsheet does, this is the workshop to attend?!

Two days of learning, shooting, networking and building your business.

This is the perfect “step into” the editorial world experience.

Day one workshop, day two photo shoot