• A Perfect Blowout For Any Hairstyle

    Watch this DIY instructional video to learn how to create a perfect at-home blowout. Discover the best tips, tricks and advice on how to make a simple, chic and stylish hairstyle

  • Braiding and Twisting

    Braiding and twisting are a great way to form your hair into that perfect hairdo that you've always wanted.

  • How To Achieve A Frizz-Free Hairstyle

    Learn how to create a flawless, frizz-free blow-out. Professional hairstylist Giovanni Giuntoli will teach you the best tips, tricks and advice to creating this simple, easy-to-do and cute smooth hairstyle.

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Level Up Workshop (Graduates Only)

Offered in:
- New York

Workshop Dates 2012:

  • 8


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  • 10



If you have attended a Tearsheet workshop and feel its time to step up your styling, the Level Up Workshop is the one for you. The workshop is designed for those graduate artists ready to take the next step in hairstyling. 3 days of shooting and sharing on a more intensive scale. We know artists have to challenge themselves in order to rise to the next level so here it is.

Receive coaching and guidance from the team geared to hone your craft and skills. Attendees will not only receive coaching but will also be asked to share their thoughts on everyone’s work with others in the workshop. Learn not only by what you do but also the how’s and why’s. Education in the Level Up Workshop doesn’t start on the first day, it starts upon sign up. Before the workshop attendees will be asked to deliver their own imagery to receive personalized guidance from the team.